Cross-Assignments in the Navy Reserve

Posted on by Raven Benson

The Navy Reserve has so many complex processes and one that is commonly confusing to most Sailors (mainly because there is limited information available on the topic) is cross-assignments. Here’s how they work in the Navy.

A cross-assigned (CA) Sailor is a Sailor who is assigned a billet in a Reserve unit that is managed by a NOSC other than their own (usually a unit more than 100 miles from their home listed in NSIPS). For example: I am a Sailor assigned to a NOSC in North Carolina, but my billet is in a unit managed by a NOSC in Virginia.

To make matters worse, CA Sailors have two separate chains of command:


A Training Unit Identification Code (TRUIC) is where a CA Sailor is cross-assigned out (CAO) from. In my example, I am cross-assigned out from my NOSC and unit in NC. 


A Unit Mobilization Unit Identification Code (UMUIC) is where a CA Sailor is cross-assigned in (CAI) to. In my example, my unit in VA is where I am cross-assigned in to.

A CA Sailor will only drill with this unit while on a set of assignment orders (IDTT, AT, ADSW, ADT, etc). As funding allows, a CA Sailor will usually drill with this unit on a quarterly basis on IDTT orders and will be reimbursed travel expenses after a travel voucher is routed in the Defense Travel System (DTS).

The TRUIC is responsible for the CA Sailor’s monthly drill periods and maintains administrative and mobilization readiness such as their physical fitness assessment (PFA), medical and dental requirements, and training. These Sailors are usually assigned to local units within the TRUIC that are the best fit for the Sailor’s rate or designator. For example, a Reserve nurse would be assigned to an Operational Health Support Unit (OHSU) that is part of the TRUIC. CA Sailors can also be assigned to a TRUIC’s Operational Support Unit (OSU), a general billet that is not assigned to an active duty support role.

The UMUIC is designed to maintain a CA Sailor’s functional skills to maintain mobilization readiness and provide leadership along with mentorship opportunities. Each UMUIC is assigned to an active duty Navy unit and provides Reserve support for their operational requirements.

A CA Sailor supports active duty training orders through their UMUIC. All CA Sailors are expected to perform their annual training (AT) with the UMUIC. The UMUIC benefits from CA Sailors by being able to fill open billets when there are no local Sailors available for assignment.

In most cases, once you find out that you are cross-assigned, you should make contact with that unit to begin communication. If a command has not heard from you, they may drop you from their RUAD and you will end up without a billet and in an IAP status.

This breakdown can assist you with determining which unit is responsible for what. Please note that this is a general list and can change depending on your circumstance. Always work with your chain of command in both units to confirm.


  • PHA
  • PFA
  • Medical/Dental
  • Administrative assistance
  • Training
  • Travel Support
  • Reserve Pay
  • Billet Assignments
  • Supply - Uniforms and Berthing
  • Monthly drill


  • Assigned orders (AT, IDTT, ADT, ADSW, etc)
  • FITREP/EVAL inputs
  • In-rate training
  • Mobilization readiness