Introducing The Reserve Force

Posted on by Ricardo N Feliciano

Welcome to a fairly new website on the Internet, The Reserve Force is aiming to be the best online resource for military reservists. Starting with U.S. Navy reservists, we aim to provide as much information on terminology, points of contact, procedures, forms, and anything else you may need to know when being a reservist.

Why did we create this and what’s next?

Why Create The Reserve Force?

On January 22nd, 2020 The Reserve Force went live but what is its mission?

To provide the digital and social resources required to bridge the gap between the U.S. Military active and reserve components.

The military as a whole needs more resources and support. Veteran healthcare and suicide prevention are top issues in my mind. The majority of the resources that we do get tend to cater to active duty. This leaves reservists to fend for themselves. A great reserve unit will help but there aren’t many of those around leaving gaps in knowledge and support for reservist. The Reserve Force aims to fill those gaps and bring the reserve component up to the same spotlight that active duty enjoys.

What’s Next?

The main website launched over a month ago and today this blog launches. We’re just getting started. Already there’s some useful information for Navy reservists including a NOSC Directory and glossary.

Here’s some things in the works:

  • more Navy information (there’s never enough)
  • a forum for discussion and a way to find mentorship
  • more blog posts on DoD and Navy current events, new regulations, etc.

Stay Informed

If this sounds interesting and useful to you, there’s multiple ways to stay informed on what’s new with The Reserve Force.

You can stay connected via social media:

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