IT1's Bits - February 2021

Posted on by Raven Benson

As reservists, there are many times where we have to complete work outside of the drill weekends on our personal computers. In fact, right now most of the force is working remotely even during the drill weekends due to the current pandemic. Sometimes it is impossible trying to get certain websites to work on our personal computers.

I offer my assistance with helping you stay productive at home. Here is my first issue of “IT1’s Bits”.

We all know how quick and efficient word spreads around the Navy Reserve (kidding). I just wanted to give a quick summary of some new IT-related updates.

2. Fix for eLearning
3. Boot Camp for MacOS
4. Navy Personnel Command website

CLO Enablement BLUF: Sailors should perform the Cryptographic Logon (CLO) Enablement also known as the CLO Tool Alignment on their older CAC Cards. Sailors who have had new CAC cards created for brand new accounts since August are exempt completing this process. Their CAC cards are already CLO enabled.

Otherwise, this process must be completed BEFORE receiving a new CAC and must be done on an NMCI asset. The instructions can be found here.

If you have received a new CAC and did not complete this, the NMCI Help Desk may be able to assist (866-843-6624).

You would think that millions of emails would go out about this, but many were not even aware this was a thing.

A Fix for eLearning

If you are experiencing page load failures when attempting to access Navy eLearning, look closely at the beginning of the address bar. There is a server bug that frequently causes the “https://” at the beginning to be changed to “http://”.

To fix, click in the address bar and add the missing ’s'. You may have to do this a few times.

Boot Camp for MacOS

Boot Camp is a utility that comes with your Mac and lets you switch between MacOS and Windows. Many members use this utility to easy access Navy websites that are designed to work with Windows. While older Macs can be easily set up to run Boot Camp, brand new Macs have a brand new CPU called ”M1”. These new Macs cannot be set up to run Boot Camp at this time.

Navy Personnel Command website

As of Feb. 15, NPC’s website has been moved to

The new website combines the extensive resources of the old NPC with a new and improved website that has also been mobile-optimized!